@rampantbicycle Thank you for the incredibly detailed post. We started up LA Noire last night and are having a good time with that. I have also made notes to pick up both AC2 and Red Dead Redemption when we finish LA Noire.

I had started LA Noire a while back, but I’m having a much better time with it now that I’ve started over. I like the mission structure to the game, and I also like that I can force someone else to drive from location to location. I’m not in it for the sandboxy stuff so much as I am for sleuthing. (Though, living in LA makes the game interesting to drive around in. There is a shot of the Pantages Theater at the beginning of the game, and she and I were at that exact intersection for dinner an hour before we booted the game up.)

@redswir1 Half-Life 2 is a good suggestion. I wish I still had my copy of The Orange Box for 360. Speaking of which, I seem to have a black home somewhere that’s eating games. Both Mass Effect games are missing as is The Orange Box. Creepy… (Alright, they probably got lost in the mail when I moved to LA from NJ and I didn’t notice until now.)

I’m not sure the first Mass Effect is really worth revisiting. I might pick up the PS3 version of ME2 solely because it has the interactive comic that lets you skip the first Mass Effect. Every time I think about replaying it, I remember having to drive the stupid tank and lose all will to play it again. Though, I must admit that I do enjoy ****ME1 SPOILER*** leaving Ashley the space racist to die a terrible death.

I forgot where I was going with this, but what’s important is that I said mean things about Ashley. Also, Thane was really dreamy. Did anyone else romance him in ME2?