@cgrajko Don’t really know about platform preference. You can’t get the first Mass Effect on PS3 at all. You’ll have to look up the port quality of the other two. The first two Creed games aren’t as good on PS3. Brotherhood and Revelations are equal between consoles I hear. Avoid the PS3 version of Red Dead.

Why’s everyone throwing out open-world games though? If one of our appeal elements is good scripting, you can’t do much better than Valve. I’m standing by my reccomendation of HL2 and the episodes as well as COD4.

The story in COD is definitely dudebro but COD4 at least has excellent set pieces and a couple actually likeable characters as well as the best shooting controls on consoles. I also like to think COD4’s painting of events is just a smidge deeper than other military games as it paints the contrast between the naive US Marines and the capable but morally ambiguous British SAS. The PS3 version is renowned as an exceptional port job.