@cgrajko As my library edjamacated wife would say: “Define the apppeal elements!” Uncharted: Character-driven cinematic action with a strong focus on storytelling and relationships. Also guns. Lots of guns.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s not the shooting that your girlfriend has discovered the joy of (though what the hell do I know? Maybe it is.) What are Uncharted’s appeal elements:

  • Strong Characters focusing on relationships
  • Well written plot
  • Interesting setting
  • Third person camera, alternating between various types of “doing stuff”
  • < 10hrs playtime.
  • Humor
  • Violence is in service to narrative.

That's just my 10 second guess. That said, there are other games in that vein:

  • Assassin's Creed: Great choice. Prime deviation from Uncharted: Length of playtime to completion. Secondary: Sandbox world, will not change as much. Not as cinematic. Pros: Great characters to identify with, well written and acted, violence in service to narrative, some humor. High production values.
  • Mass Effect Series: Primary strength is characterization and choices, but the pacing is much different than uncharted. Third person camera, focus on shooting. Sci-fi world is not as engaging as some.
  • Red Ded Redemption / LA Noire: Hugely character driven, also lots of shooty shooty. Focus less on relationships than mass effect but compelling plots with complex heroes.
  • That new game by the Gemini Rue guys, if she can handle the charm of pixel art.
  • Sly Cooper series. Huge on characterization, fantastic art style, tons of humor and laughs. Great sound effects, hilarious Saturday Morning Cartoon feel.