@cptcarnage Oh man. I just looked it up again and realized that HBO Go is US only. That sucks. Well then lemme explain for you, @bluesforbuddha @angryjedi @unmanneddrone @rampantbicycle etc.

Basically, if you’re a US subscriber to HBO through any cable or satellite service, you can download an app called HBO Go that let’s you stream any HBO programming at any time. That’s all movies currently showing on HBO, any episode of any series that HBO ever aired, all sports, documentaries, comedy, etc. Currently it’s offered on devices like the Roku, iOS, and Xbox. I don’t have to catch The Newsroom every Sunday evening. I just wake up Monday morning and turn on the Xbox. People are currently wondering why the fuck you can’t just subscribe to the app by itself.

Why the hell did “HBO J-Drama” show up on the tag list?