All yall guys need to come with us on a field trip to Northeast Squadonia. Lynette and I set out in a NE direction across the desert last night and arrived at a crazy region where bizarre procedurally generated topography looked like something off the Bionis’ leg and there were both a small and huge NPC village just chilling there at the doorstep of the great plains. The big city is 780 meters straight north of the point where the cidadel’s jungle block meets the western desert block.

We’re probably going to build a pilgrimage road all the way up there, with shrine stops along the way. Takes a minute or two of overland hiking to get there, but it’s a pleasant Oregon Trail style adventure — all rolling hills and plains before the absolutely batshit crazy mountains begin. Prime candidate for an overland rail line once the branch to Wolf Base is complete.

On that note, watching Bowley set the torch to the giant glassed-in, wood filled tunnel connecting the continents and watching fire burning down there in a tunnel below sea level was the highlight of my night last night.