Squad World marches forward! It does my heart glad to see the earth taking form under the constant ring of picks and hammers.

Our Outlook Citadel — once just “some random mountain in the jungle” now has an fully armed and operational Aerie complete with huge vaulted great hall, romanesque living quarters courtesy of Rampant Bicycle, skytop treehouse courtesy of Sinfony and the Thane Krios memorial arboretum and nature preserve, home to flora aplenty. Also, a sweet ass Voltron style rapid descent hatch (stand on the plate, press the button and WHEEE) for all your rapid exfiltration needs and an elaborately constructed secret entrance which opens magically behind an an innocuous waterfall. Walk behind curtain of water, stand on pressure plate for 1.5 seconds and Open Sesame the very earth of the Citadel itself parts to let you in! It’s not magic, it’s redstone!

Best of all, for the most part we’ve been able to maintain the majestic natural presence of Overlook Cidatel. It’s still there, a mountain in the wilderness with a picturesque lagoon in the front yard — innocuous on the outside (save for some ornamentation in the skyline) but on the inside it’s a Delicious Cadbury egg anthill of activity and metalurgy.

Below the Citadel, in the bowels of the earth, the Squadway (chariot of the people!) brings rapid transit solutions to the masses. Thanks to the Bowley-led Big Dig Initiative, one can now get from the Citadel to the Observation Tower in mere seconds by activating the miracle of powered-rail redstone minecarts! Even now, the Squadway’s western branch inches ever closer towards Wolf Base, safely sheathed and protected from the waters of the ocean by a groovy 1960s pyrex glass tube.

Below the earth, the hunt for the tsuchinoko-like slime continues. An entire afternoon of carving out little 8×8 chambers at a depth of 40 or less from bedrock has netted me the kingly sum of 2 slime balls and a sign proclaming “You now stand at coordinates 0,0, 2.5”. Elusive little bastards, all of them, but necessary for the deliciously useful slime balls and from thence, “sticky pistons”. I may have to set the difficulty to “hard” just to poke their wiggly little spawn rate.

Culture and the arts too. Pet Houses! With pets!. Bayou camp upgraded with pumpkins and rare herbs. Cultured farms! Captain Carnage’s serene treetop overlook keeping watch on our central camp like some kind of lapis and gold encrusted Gandalf. And to the west, from Citadel, Jedi’s road stretches mysteriously towards the horizon, into the desert.

It’s a fine day to be digging, I tell you!