@unmanneddrone Watched the Giant Bomb quicklook for that one a while back, couldn’t make hide nor hair of what I was seeing. Swedish Diablo meets RPG in the tundra forests of postapoc Scandinavia? Giant bears? Random JRPG style encounters? Looked awesome though, if somewhat confusing. Sadly, my gut tells me that there won’t be a ton in the way of “awesome story” to be had in Krater, but the charm and flavor of what’s going on is worth the price of admission. Will pick it up for sure.

A great night of Squadcrafting with @bowlisimo, @cptcarnage and @rampantbicycle. Those logging on to the server should check out the new Sniper Wolf Memorial Subarctic Research Station, aka “Wolf Base” which was set up underneath the Taiga beacon. Basically, I’ve found that if left to my own devices in a minecraft world what I enjoy doing is playing at some combination of architect and interior decorator. Enjoy your dimmed second floor bunk areas with gravel inlaid floor mosaic and backlit glass light fixtures squaddies. And somebody bring back a bucket of lava for the fireplace in the main lounge.

Also, bad ass treehouse going up courtesy of Bowley and the Capn’. Yub nub. Thanks to whatever mysterious person left a grand stone bridge over to Wolf Island. Came in handy when we were doing time sensitive corpseruns.