@unmanneddrone I think it’s hilarious that Krater has random name generation and different rarity levels for party members, like they were Diablo loot. As you can see, Helmer the Laughable is merely green. Purple and Blue, good for you. Green and white, totally bite.

@beige You guys certainly were productive little doozers last night. I ate a bowl of cereal while watching a leather clad Big Boss painstakingly place, remove, and replace aesthetic elements one at time. You could tell you had a clear architectural vision that you were slowly working out in a medium of stone and wood block. Pretty funny to watch, because the Minecraft avatar is so emotive, too. I’m so used to playing that game alone. You can see someone pause and consider whether or not they like what they’ve created.

Anyway, Sniper Wolf memorial is coming along nicely. Carnage’s tree-mansion is also a thing to behold, he clearly knows his way around Minecraft, and thank god for Pete’s(?) spontaneous bridge! On my part, the observation tower is complete (yes, you can walk up it now), but just needs some furnishing. I like to think of it as a defensive bastion, in case those weird muppet monks in the NPC village decide to attack. I also forsee digging a basement with a subway stop for the eventual underground railroad.

Lots to do!