@beige It’s an interesting case for narrative, ol’ Krater…because the scenario and quest vignettes, even within the constricted nature of…well… whatever Krater is, are really well-conceived! Hilariously self-aware, but there’s a very bizarre sense of place and a post-apocalyptic world brimming with quirky Swedish bumpkins and fortune-hunters. I think you’ll like it. A real oddball and outlier, and when played on hardcore permadeath mode, it elicits an emphasised fondness for your little band of buffoons and a certain kind of sadness (thanks Gotye) when the time comes to retire battered old veterans.

And I shan’t say any more on the title, through fear of boring everyone to tears! Except that I built myself a custom Duck Zapper for my Regulator crowd-controller. Note the duck.

Let it also be known that poor Helmer the Laughable is suffering permanent injuries; a fractured skull after being stomped by a caribou the size of a garbage truck and a busted pelvis at the tusks of a subterranean boar pack.