@unmanneddrone Agreed – otherwise there may be a bit of, erm, clutter.

For those who are Minecrafting it – I was the one “driving” during said exploration sequences – the Squad world is rather pretty, actually, in a blocky sort of way, and the mix of biomes keeps things interesting.

A note for the adventurous: Gruetooth Cave is not fully explored. Indeed, none of the places named here are – the missions I was going on were short surface jaunts in which I marked some likely-looking places with little stone towers or arches with torches mounted on top (what we took to calling “beacons.”) The presence of one of those doesn’t necessarily mean the area’s all tapped out, just that there might Be Something There. At least one small shaft I just pegged with a torch, as I was out of stone blocks at the time.

We will probably want to establish some perimeter bases to make further exploration possible by providing small shelters for those traveling.

And a caution: Many of the cave entrances in this world are very VERTICAL. Take care where you step. 🙂