SquadCraft world update: Cool terrain features within exploration distance:

a) The Rift: Godawful and mysterious huge rent in the earth positioned less than a minute’s hike South from the Squadcamp Bayou bunkhouse. A tiny cavemouth no more than 30 blocks across disappears vertically straight down for a hundred blocks or more, farther down into the earth than the eye can see. Begging for ladders and vertical lifting mechanisms. Watch your step. This one can surprise the traveller walking across the fields.

b) Gruetooth Cave: Little hole-in-the-wall cavemouth to the NW of Bayou, just off off of a swamp. Looked innocuous at first but damn — once we started exploring we discovered a massive cave structure that extended down into the bowels of hell itself. Bowley singlehandedly carved a needle-thin backdoor that extends up and outwards from the cave’s deepest floor, emerging maybe 1km North of Bayou camp in the middle of a pine forest. Marked exit with cairn and torches.

c) The (Yet-Unnamed) Channel Vent. To the NW of Gruetooth, across a small channel of ocean, there is a small hilly island covered with Taiga biome fir trees and snow. Sailing around the island, the visitor notices a mysterious fissure where waters of the ocean flow downhill into darkness underneath the island through a crack in a lip of rock. Not much headroom, but looking down the sluice one can see that large portions of the taiga island may in fact be both hollow and interconnected. Begging for some brave soul to take the waterslide down into the darkness to explore. A large beacon with 5 torches was built on the shore to guide travellers looking for this feature.

d) (Unnamed) Desert plateau / Desert dungeon? Jedi built a long road one block wide that stretches West from camp into the desert biome. At the point where the road (currently) ends, one can walk north a minute or so to come upon a large, pyramid shaped hill in the middle of the desert. There is a large natural cave in the front of this hill, but more interesting is the Ali Baba crack in the western edge where a grand natural staircase slopes downwards into the darkness of the hill’s interior. An arch with torches was built over this entrance, inviting explorers.

e) Rivia Falls: Immediately to the North of Squadcamp is a jungle biome which is vast and difficult to explore. There is an honest-to-god heart of darkness style river that bisects this biome, cutting through the center of the jungle in a wiggly line which is navigable easily only by boat. If you take a boat along the river, in the deepest center of the bush you will come across a tall mountain covered with moss and hills that thrusts up out of the trees. This mountain is also the source of an impressively picturesque waterfall made of many component water sources which cascades down the hillside into a small lagoon. We have put a sign there announcing that some day it will be converted to a large Squad Basecamp. I have plans to build a GI Joe style bunker in this structure, possibly connected to Bayou Camp by road or minecart.

That is all from Uncle Travelling Matt.