@cgrajko mainly due to my cash strapped state i’ve found my self in a similar situation. It kindof puts things into perspective with Steam too, my games list is 240+ strong on there and I can only honestly say I’ve played maybe 25% of the game that I own.

Another thing that hurts is when I run my account through http://www.steamcalculator.com/ (its main page is down at the moment but you can access it buy adding http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/ and your username). It spits out $2750, now I know I didn’t pay that as it uses raw values for the games prices and alot of them I got through the various indie bundles over the last few years.

Also with the badges system recently implemented into the profile pages I realized that this September I will have been using Steam for 9 years. I signed up September 14th 2003.