@redswir1 @beige Around $2300 Canadian shipped. Used NCIX.com for everything but the videocard they have a local pickup option if you are looking for PC parts + they price match ANY Canadian site, also for $50 they’ll build and stress test your computer for you, $30 w/o the stress test. I’m familiar with building them, this is about my 15th build so far (I pretty much built every machine in our design department at my office)

The video card was the biggest lump at $657 after tax and shipping. Got the 256GB ssd at a steal for 200$, WD1.5tb drive was $120 (didnt need it but wanted a sata3 storage, was originally planning on stealing HDD’s from my old case). case and powersupply were $130, motherboard $300 (its a tweakers board i’m going to dabble with overclocking in the near future). Bluray drive was $62, processor $215, ram $115 (2x8sticks for 16gb you could save going for 4 of 4). Liquid cooler was $90.

@bowlisimo the unit is self contained, no need to mess with pumps or anything else its just a simple install. idles at around 27c with ambient around 20c.