OK Squad Minecraft, let’s do this!

L and I have been playing on the Xbox 360 the last couple of days, but for whatever brain reason this is, I get frustrated that the Adventure Update has not been applied yet and I cannot “win” Minecraft by going on quests and defeating the Ender Dragon on my console. I know this worldview defeats the whole point for most people, but for me it’s very necessary to always be working towards something concrete.

Also I want very much to create a giant Justice League style hall of Squadness with Yorgle the dragon etched in glowing rock on the floor. You know, considering how multicontinental we all are and soforth. So yeah, how do we get this rolling?

@feenwager I found myself scanning the surprisingly good reviews for Rainbow Moon on the PSN last night wondering why I, who has been in the mood for something RPGey in a hella way lately, hadn’t even heard of it. Sure it’s Japanese, but it’s a character-buildey kinda thing. Anybody in the squad know anything about it? Could be worth a look. There’s always The Last Story too, coming out in a few weeks. That one’s a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.