Oddly enough, I was JUST poking through recent bombcasts (miiiight have been Weekend Confirmed) and I remember them talking about something that was ‘bioware class’ resonate decision making… I think it was them talking about the Telltale Walking Dead games. It’s not fantasy themed but as far as I’m aware you have a group of people you’re managing on an objective. (3:40 as of this posting left on the mega deal)

I haven’t played them though so your millage may vary, but I will say if you want to jump in now’s the time since the Steam Summer Sale has punched them down to minuscule cost investment

If you’re feening for the quest element more then the party element it would be worth eyeing The Sale for The Witcher 2.

On the other hand if you want a party of distinct characters there’s really no game in town but JRPGs, that’s really their stock and trade. I expect someone is going to go all LoTR on Western RPGs someday, but it’ll probably take a while. At the moment if you want damn good pasta you can’t shut out all Italian and have a good selection.

I dunno…. Borderlands 2 in September? They got distinct personalities, and it looks like there’s a quest structure and loot mechanics, but that’s as close as I can think of if you don’t want to invoke the JRPG specter.

Personally my best suggestion atm would be Witcher 2, good luck out there~