@feenwager I hear you. Howabout free to play MMO’s? D&D, Lord of the Rings, Age of Conan. Do some quests, get it out of your system, never pay a cent. Hopefully Wasteland 2, the only game I’ve kickstarted, will actually be that game we’re looking for.

And HELL YES, Episode 2 of the Walking Dead game was amazing and messed up! You know those decisions in Mass Effect where you don’t know whether to shoot a guy who is holding a hostage or keep talking to him? This game is ALL those, except there’s no easy paragon/renegade choice, there’s more of a snap, gut reaction involved, and the choices that best help your survival are often the hardest god damn decisions you’ll ever make, and you have this little girl watching you make them…

@angryjedi I would love to screw around in Minecraft with you guys. I can show you my bridge to nowhere, and my enormous unfinished castle… and then I can lock you up and force you to mine and finish said unfinished castle. Yesssssss.

@unmanneddrone It will, almost everything that has lost on that community vote has showed up in either the daily or flash sales.