@bowlisimo Christ, and the loveable Red Faction Guerilla won over that? I’m not surprised on account of it being great fun, but I’m perhaps most alarmed that not every bloke and his dog haven’t already played it. Well, fingers crossed JA:BiA pops up in a flash sale. I really would love someone else to get their mitts on it so we can compare notes and war stories. Will do another run with the new LoS patch on hardcore – like the old days – after I’m done with my Endless Space/Krater and, soon to be, Confrontation run. Bit of a noble lame duck, that last one. Looking forward to sinking teeth into it, although Krater is more than a mouthful of Swedish goodness.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action DOES have a demo on Steam, if you care to try it. Hideous demo, on account of the scenario within being a construct of fangs, grenades and razorblades, but baptism of fire, right?

@asatiir Man, if you get some time in the gaming schedule, let us know what you think of JA.

@beige I see @tolkoto is perineum-deep in Anno 2070! Wonderful stuff. Wondering what he’ll have to say on the next EBP.