@zegolf Go ahead and jump on that $15 Walking Dead deal, unless you want to play all the episodes at once later (and for cheaper).

I played the first episode last night and as someone who has read the comic, I was pleasantly surprised. The writing is great and the human drama is right where it needs to be, the dialogue especially. Characters feel three dimensional. Do I console this little girl like I’m her father, just lie to her to make her feel better, or tell her the cold hard truth? Do I trust this guy I just met? Should I be honest with him, tell him half-truths, or lie altogether, just in case? Will I remember my lies? Will that bite me in the ass later if I need his help? Responses are timed and it has a very genuine feel to it. Of course, there are some fucked up snap decisions you need to make, and then consequences you need to live with.

Even the adventure gamey “what order do I need to do stuff in to solve problem X” sections are handled well enough so that they work with the story, and you know, the ever present threat of walkers crashing the party. That said, it’s not perfect either. Some of the voicework for less important characters and animation can be subpar or weird at times, and why the hell does this reporter, who can use a gun like she’s in special forces, not know that appliances sometimes need batteries, or how to put them in correctly…

Anyway, so far I like the main character, Lee. He’s a man with some serious baggage. I want to see where he ends up in this mess. Five episodes doesn’t seem like enough. Movin’ on to episode 2 tonight.