Just a little heads-up, fellows. Krater is part of the Steam Sale, and I would encourage investigation. In a post-Diablo world, it got shellacked in part due to a misunderstanding of what it actually is, but if you’re willing to drink a milkshake containing MOBA-style combat, Fallout-meets-Borderlands frivolity in colourful post-apocalyptica, overworld traversal with random encounters, deep deep dungeoneering…eh, look, just watch the Giant Bomb Quicklook and see if it’s your bag. Co-op still to come, but it’s one of my favourite experiences of the year thus far. Quirky, unique and definitely done no favours in the shadow of that goddamn Blizzard click-a-thon. Krater isn’t really an ARPG. More like an RTTRPG.

There might be another big discussions on it around the corner or down the line.