@wrdsmth Rest assured Rampant and I are more than aware of the wider picture of “Brony” culture. In fact, there’s a very interesting study being done into it at present — the third phase is live right here if anyone wants to participate. (Don’t worry, it’s anonymous, though unlike previous phases this part focuses exclusively on those who identify as “Bronies” rather than providing a separate survey for people who do not.)

Here’s a (long!) YouTube vid of a recent panel regarding the findings from the second phase.

It’s certainly a very interesting phenomenon. I wouldn’t call myself a particularly “hardcore” Brony — I like the show, have a couple of T-shirts and am very interested in the recently-announced comic — but that’s about it. I don’t do fan art, I don’t write fanfic and I don’t participate in the wider Brony community. And I have zero interest (though a morbid curiosity that will probably never be sated) in “Rule 34” content.

Anyway. Let’s not get bogged down in this. @pepperized, no-one is trying to impress you. Some of us like it, others do not. Live and let live without judgement — words to live by here at the Squad.