@angryjedi Oh no question, having seen a few episodes (and someone even broadcast full episodes onto the ceiling of ACEN 2012 =P) I’d certainly set it as one of the Great Works of Cartooning alongside things like the Batman Animated Series. Super solid, strong character personalities, enjoyable on it’s own merits for a variety of ages and such, and most importantly… bringing the goddamn WHIMSY with the force of a thousand suns. Even if it’s not top on my list of things I gotta watch (it’s a looooong list, and I haven’t made progress on it for ages 😦 ) It’s on there somewhere, even if I don’t ascribe to the fandom per se.

Thought it’s true, I tend to have some pushback against ‘Aversion Fads’ because this thing about hating certain things on the internet (Beiber (and all boybands before him), furries, and it seems that there’s some contingent trying to make it stick on MLP.) because it’s cool(?!) or someone told you to do so is some real highschool maturity level horseshit. =P or at least that’s my opinion on the matter. So I’m unfairly predisposed towards giving a friendly nod towards it even if it wasn’t bringing back civility and irrational happiness to bros.

Besides, I still find a fair amount of moe tropes adorable and awesome. Who am I going to throw stones at seriously? 😉