@unmanneddrone I have that internal dialogue every time I play an MMO and find myself soloing a lot. “Why am I playing this online?” I ask. “Wouldn’t I be better served playing a single-player game?”

My usual response to myself is that while I’m not necessarily playing with other people all the time, it’s cool to be able to run into other people doing stuff, talk to them and occasionally team up for the tougher challenges (like the dungeons in TSW, or there are big “world bosses” that appear every so often and require massive cooperative efforts, much like in other MMOs). Taking part in an impromptu flashmob to obliterate whatever Unspeakable Horror has crawled out of the sea this evening is marvellous fun.

It’s also neat to be able to simply chat to others while playing in the various channels available — there’s a rather pleasant community developing within the game so far, and the fact that the game runs on one big “über-server” split into shards/instances makes communicating with (and even teaming up with) friends a snap. The ability to simply pick others’ brains about puzzle solutions is helpful, too — if faced with a similar situation in the “real world”, you wouldn’t confront it in isolation, you’d ask friends to help figure it out.