PC geeks, some advice, please: I’ve been playing The Secret World and occasionally suffer a problem where my TV briefly loses the VGA signal (like when it’s changing resolution) then “reloads” the graphics and is fine again. I thought it was a problem with the video card not getting enough power — I only had a 400W PSU — so I installed a new 750W PSU yesterday. It seems a bit more stable, but the problem occurred once again during a cutscene in The Secret World. I don’t recall it happening in other games — is this indicative of a problem with my video card, or is it more likely a software issue? I’m wondering if it’s a temperature problem.

If you have any idea what the issue might be, some possible fixes would be very welcome. I will buy a new video card if necessary, but I’d rather not, having just spent £90 on a new PSU.