No, there’s no message. The graphics driver isn’t “crashing” as such — it’s a momentary blackout, as if I’d changed the resolution on the monitor, then the graphics reload (you can see the textures loading back in) and then it continues as normal. If there’s a cutscene running, the sound continues as if nothing is happening — there’s no “freezing”, it’s just the graphics that are fucking up. I’m connected to my TV via a VGA cable with a DVI converter on the end, if that’s relevant at all. It’s a brand new cable and works fine most of the time such as in general Windows use and in most games. The Secret World seems to be triggering something, though.

I’ve dusted the insides of the PC several times recently so that shouldn’t be an issue. Ran a temperature test the other day and it was getting quite warm under stress — around 85 C — but apparently that’s not that unusual for the card I have. I have downloaded MSI Afterburner and have lowered the temperature thresholds at which the card increases its fan speed, so we’ll see if that 1) cools it off and 2) fixes things. I don’t have anyone else nearby whose graphics cards I can borrow, unfortunately. If it persists, I may just replace the card anyway, perhaps with a slightly better one. (1GB GTX 550 Ti at the moment)

If nothing else, this is teaching me stuff I didn’t know about PC building and maintenance. My girlfriend taught me how to fit a new power supply, and now I can fit a new power supply.