By the way, Dwarf Fortress is astounding. I’m 60 pages into the how-to book, started three fortresses, just starting to get a grasp on the basics, and already I feel like the reduced general community understanding of that game as “ASCII Minecraft for insane people”, while not entirely untrue, misrepresents the sheer depth of what these guys have created. The tileset makes it a little less ugly, but the beauty is all in the details. It’s like no game I’ve ever played before in that regard. It’s untouchable and I’ve barely scratched the surface, for Moradin’s sake!

It’s like, oh hey, let’s randomly create an entire fantasy world on the fly, where we generate the map, everything on it and inside it, the entire fucking prehistory of it, the ages of myth, empires, battles, heroes forgotten gods, and ancient beasts, (also an ancient sepia tone map that most people won’t even look at, because, why not?) for 10 minutes before you even start. Then, everything you do after that point will add to the running history, right down to each and every individual Dwarf. Every fortress you abandon stays a part of the world and you can even send a new group in to reclaim it and clean up the cobwebs, or just start a whole new god damned world.

The rabbit hole of detail the actual gameplay goes down, will go far, far beyond your expectations, I guarantee it. There is an AI governing everything. I’ve barely seen anything, but it gets as crazy as Dwarves remembering if they admired a nice looking table that day, or having to tell a stockpile not to accept eggs, so that the Dwarves stop eating the eggs and allow the chickens to multiply.


My new group, The Long Helms of Dawn, have left the mountainhome to start the settlement of Beardhammer. Strike the earth!