@bowlisimo Strike the Earth! The great thing from here is finding how far the system flexes when you apply your new understanding of the system to it. Want sunlight underground? dig a pit of channels, don’t like having an open pit into your lair? Forge glass blocks out of sand and set them in the ceiling. Towers? doable. Levers which collapse support pillars in case of invasion? easy, and the list goes on forever.

Then the real interesting thing is how each person develops their own style of Dwarves. I have a friend is a monument builder. He wants nothing more then to build glass towers with trees growing on the top of them and waterfalls coming down the side (he did it…. somehow, still not entirely sure how he managed a few of those things c_C)

For my side my dwarves are more like elves (according to Dave =P) I tend to do a lot of agriculture, so I end up with farms both above and below ground producing strawberries and suchlike, which has a byproduct of generating several very good cooks.

I know another Dave (they’re everywhere) who creates a veritable deathtrap of a fortress, then takes away everyone’s clothing and then makes a military full of wrestlers. I guess they’d be greek dwarves? I’m not sure what to make of his style yet =P

Anyway it’s an amazing thing.

@Impynickers You lucky dog :<

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about literacy right now, first I'd spend some time getting the sense of things she likes and the things she's good at, platformers like LBP sure, but what else? I can (and I think Pete would back me on this one) recommend recettear for testing the water on sim-y/management stuff and Zelda style action in one, plus it's super cheap. If you're going to ask her to do a first person thing, you don't get more charming and personable then original Portal (plus if it's not still free it's super cheap and plenty of people have spare copies kicking around).

I dunno, that's where I would start. If she has one of those "I WILL BEAT YOU D:<" personalities you might toss Spelunky at her. If she's got D&D chops Dungeons of dreadmor is a sound one.

I'd say find out the things she already likes and then find the games that capitalize on that theme or that style of thought, if she might like adventure games you can go whimsical with the Kyrandia games, pulp with the Lucas Arts Indy game or noir with Gemini Rue. There's a vast span of gaming, you got plenty to pick from =)