@cptcarnage My problem is that I still need a computer to work on, and I can’t do that on a TV. I still need something with a screen two feet from my face. My choices are either get a laptop and turn my current system into an HTPC, or get a new gaming HTPC and relegate my old one to a work desktop. I’m choosing the latter because a new gaming HTPC would probably be less expensive than a powerful laptop, and because my Q6600 probably won’t be as useful a year from now. Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do anything on account of joblessness though. My ultimate hope would be able to play a lot of the games coming out later this year on an HTPC. I’m also holding back on a lot of my current games (like Skyrim) until I can play them on such a setup.

@shingro I’m gonna be practicing my Soul Calibur V all month. Anyone else on the Squad play it on PSN?