Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d share the fact that I have picked up a copy of The Secret World (or World of Lovecraft as I have decided I am going to refer to it). Reports from the front to follow.

I’m all for the “set-top PC” model. Works great for me, even if my tower case is a little bit obtrusive if we’re being honest. If I thought about it a bit harder I could probably secrete it somewhere more discreet, but it works fine for me. Easy access to YouTube, Netflix, and indeed all the video on the Internet. Console ports work great with an Xbox 360 pad, PC-specific games work well too (though in the case of some, you have to sit a little bit closer in order to be able to actually read the text).

It’s also basically the way around the “I Just Can’t Play Games On PC” argument. If your PC is effectively fulfilling the role of a console, no problem.