Defiantly an expensive day for me :-/

Just finished ordering my new PC. My old one’s starting to act funky, and at 5 yrs old its getting a bit tired. I’m coming from a 2.66ghz core 2 w/6gb ram and a GTX 280 to a brand spankin new i5 3570k (3.8ghz) 16gb ram and a GTX 680. Even threw in a 256gb SSD for good measure. All told tax in it was just a hair over $2k :-/ cheaper then my original system though by about a grand not that that is very comforting.

Looking forward to running Witcher 2 at the settings it deserves.

On another note, my XBL Gold is coming up this month for renewal and I’m finding it hard to justify paying the 60 bones to keep it going. I just don’t see the need for it since I don’t really play that much online. Would it be particularly crippling to just get rid of it?