@bluesforbuddha @bowlisimo Yeah I’m trying to go the Pete route too – a home theater PC for enjoying Steam, MKV videos, and streaming on my television. Instead of trying to find nefarious ways of getting streaming sites and downloaded videos to work on my consoles I think the best solution is to just hook up the goddamn computer to your TV. Right off the bat you get Hulu for free, and you don’t have to worry about using apps for HBO Go or YouTube or any other streaming service.

The other reason is that while I love the advantages of PC gaming, I actually found myself missing the “feel” (I guess) of console gaming – sitting on front of a TV on a couch with a controller in-hand. Why not have both? I even tried it with my current system and the results were kind of mind-blowing.

My 5-year-old current desktop can actually run Crysis 2 in 1080p at 60fps if I turn it down to DirectX 9, and it feels like a fucking next gen game. People probably roll their eyes now whenever a videophile complains about how most console games only render in 720p at 30fps, but finally seeing a video game like Crysis run at full 1080p on a TV kinda made me think (so this is what HD console gaming would be like).

Thing is, if I go with a new system, this year I’ll probably still go for a sub-$200 card, possibly even just another HD6850. That card is $150 right now and is more than adequate for just about anything save Crysis 2 at DX11, The Witcher 2 maxed out (and even that will still run on high settings), and Battlefield 3.