Hello all! Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been helping to relaunch Games Are Evil as an unpaid side project to get myself some experience. It’s slow going (it’s mostly been just me posting things so far, but there are a few contributors on the (non-paying) “books” and another chap interested in helping out regularly) but I think we’re heading in an interesting direction, and your support would be very much appreciated!

If any of you are interested in contributing, please feel free to get in touch to pete [at] gamesareevil [dot] com and we can sort something out — like I say, though, the site was pretty much in the state you find a Harvest Moon farm at the beginning of a game, so it’s a “do it for the love/experience” sort of situation, I’m afraid — at least for now.

You can find my “manifesto” of sorts here. The site’s probably going to get a redesign at some point, too, but I wanted to get some content flowing first.