@unmanneddrone @bowlisimo Holy crap! Someone else watched The Mysterious Cities of Gold besides me!

I watched that show as a kid back in Texas. Out of order, even, but I found it so compelling that I watched it religiously and for years I have been telling people who don’t quite believe it was real all about it. (Me and the other five people in Texas who seem to have caught it while it was on…) It and an early adoration of Indiana Jones probably have a lot to do with my early interest in archaeology. (I know, I know, real archaeologists don’t visit the Collapsing Temple of the Ancients. But still!)

Had the surreal experience, while I was studying abroad in the UK, of mentioning this show to my roommate, a French girl, and having her squeal in glee and sing the theme song at me in French. This is where I learned that the show was originally a French-Japanese co-production and this might explain its relative rarity as childhood viewing for some people I knew.

When it came out on DVD a couple of Christmases ago, I jumped on it. I know it’s risky to re-watch things you loved as a kid, but…you know, I found it actually holds up pretty well, especially if you take its nature as a historical-action-adventure-with-a-touch-of-sci-fi-no-really thrown in. Mark can speak to that a bit, since of course I had him sit down and watch it with me.

I don’t know if the version you watched had those little educational bits at the end of each episode, but I swore as I was popping the first disc into the PS3 that I remembered seeing someone kill a chicken onscreen in one of them. It kept not happening until I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined it, but then…Yep. There it was.

…Now I’m going to have that theme song in my head ALL DAY…