@rampantbicycle Actually, it took years for me to find out the name of Spartakus, and that interim aeon had me believing I’d created some bastardised memory of Mysterious Cities, as not a soul I knew had any idea what I was talking about.

Madly phallic headdress on Arkana, a perspective only the grizzled sleaze of adulthood appeared to offer.

Ah, the passage of time.

@beige Great to hear Spec-Ops does the job and deftly. It appears to be getting decent reviews from the folks who give two hoots, but like many good things, let the herd eat cake. Moreover, just knowing there’s a game out there that does the idea of a “descent” without the ding-ding “Congratulations, you’ve made a particular moral choice!” telegraphing is heartening, especially considering the wrapper of a military shooter. Good show, Yager. They’ve come a long way since Magnus Tide and friends on their debut title – a world which I’d love them to revisit as a palate cleanser down the line.

And I hope the Endless Space discussion/sales pitch hasn’t been too overbearing. @angryjedi hit it out of the park in the ES Fireside chat.