@bowlisimo Oh, I expect it was pretty iconic, globally. It’s just that in my particular cartoon ecosystem of the 80s it was, relatively, a blip. Not many people around me had seen either the show or the theme, so for years everybody heard me describe the concept and looked at me like I was nuts. We knew of a pocket in Texas and a pocket in California, but He-Man it wasn’t. Now THERE is a ubiquitous 80s thing. Or the Transformers. Or, hell, the Care Bears even.

(I will spare you all the YouTube links. You know they’re out there. ;))

@unmanneddrone I omitted to mention that I am also familiar with Spartakus. 🙂 That was that show you had to be up UNGODLY early to see. So early that I rarely managed to catch it. But I remember it. Oh yes. Well enough to recall unprompted the totally bizarre line “We are irreparable when we are apart” from this. (And I bet you knew what that was before you clicked it. ;))

Spartakus was also French, as I recall. Dang, France, you had some crazy cartoons.