New Vegas and all DLC packs are officially down for the count after something like 120 hours. Discussion?

Honestly the thing that started to impress me about the game was how it actually seemed to have a theme going on. I felt like almost every aspect of the game: the mechanics, setting, story, etc., were actually about something. Namely, the game is about civilization.

Everybody knows Fallout is about how fucked up and anarchic everything is after the apocalypse, but I feel like a lot of people ignore what would theoretically happen centuries after such an event. By that time civilization – states, would probably try to re-emerge, and I like how New Vegas actually tries to examine that and the different philosophies vying for power. You have the two “states”, but in the middle you’ve also got a land of city states and tribes. The “Honest Hearts” DLC I think did an especially good job of examining some of the themes. It’s also kind of weird that I randomly caught that movie The Eagle on TV while playing this game.

Anyway, guess I’ll get off my ass on Rayman Origins.