I’m going to poke in here to beat the drum of Dwarf Fortress Squad Succession Game real quick. Think about it! =)

Besides that I’ve hit the 250 hour mark in local Monster Hunter play, freed the man from the beast (again… what is it with these men being beast-ed?) in QfG2 and gotten to the 4th assignment in Atelier Rorona (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz5Ef28DBak). Looking forwards to the Savannah and my Wizard Staff quest!

As for Atelier, so far it has a bit of a workman quality to it. the quests are created randomly and the assignments are so far the only real storyline thread. It has (at least at these early hours) more of a premise then a storyline per se. Hey! You own this workshop now, get to it! =) In a way this game is GUST’s excellent crafting system given center stage. You don’t complete chapters by boss fights or reaching x point, you do it by creating an item or set of items at your kingdom’s behest. So it’s been much more about time management and gathering fortune then finding this or that area or monster. A decent change, but the game is also very clearly their first run at it. Characters are good, though not particularly far outside established tropes. It hits the beats it goes after, make no mistake though, this is a crafting RPG, not a story/character/battle RPG.

So far, so good. Looking forwards to digging deeper!