Disparaging someone in public, unprovoked, is bad for you and your career? You don’t say.

Three quick things:

  1. Holy shit, Dave at Giantbomb [premium] is playing Dwarf Fortress. It’s levels of magnitude more insane than I thought, yet… oddly compelling, like X3 Terran Conflict and its crazy deep economy.
  2. There’s a huge war going on in EVE right now. PCGamer, an actual media outlet, sent a war reporter inside to cover the war live. This feels weird and unprecedented. It went about as well as you would expect. Goonswarm had to escort him to the front lines.
  3. Got around to Limbo this weekend, finished as of last night. I think I’m starting to hate implied/obscure narrative. It’s becoming more frustrating for me than it is mental food for thought (See: Dear Esther). I don’t get what was going on, so Limbo’s lasting impression on my mind will be the melancholy silhouette art style and unexpectedly tough puzzles. Good enough, I guess.