@beige To be fair to the guy that made both videos (which were well done), it wasn’t really a hope-athon. He was only interested in exploring all the indoc. theory evidence one by one and judging the plausibility (with a mostly open mind). His message at the end of it all was that regardless of whether or not the theory turns out to be true, Bioware needs to shore up some of the inconsistencies and plot holes in the last 10 minutes or a lot of Bioware fans will not be fans of them anymore.

Anyway, aside from the interesting evidence, a lot of that stuff just felt like,”Oh come on, they just reused that tree because they didn’t want to waste time making a new one.”

One funny thing I didn’t know about, image for final scene was taken from this (released early last decade), also note the name of the song. Geez. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm82gjZDIDU