Get Space Rangers 2: Reboot for Just $3.99

E3, schmee3. The big news of today is that you can get one of the strangest, most wonderful space games of all time for about the price of a cup of coffee.

In our recent Nier podcast, we discussed the idea of “kitchen sink” games or, to put it another way, “the damndest thing.” These are games which blend together numerous disparate genres to provide an incredibly memorable whole. Nier was a great example, bringing together action RPG, text adventure, side-scrolling platformer and bullet hell shooter. The Space Rangers series from Elemental Games and 1C Publishing, meanwhile, takes this approach with the space adventure genre, blending real-time strategy, third-person shooter, turn-based strategy, text-based adventure, role-playing, Elite-style trading and 4X empire-building.

Why mention it now, though? Well, because our friends over at are currently offering Space Rangers 2 and its Reboot expansion for just $3.99, and if you have the slightest interest in games that do strange and wonderful things with play styles, you should check it out.

Space Rangers 2 is set 200 years after the original Space Rangers (also available on GOG), but there is no need for you to have played the original first. The Reboot expansion adds 5 new planetary adventures, 27 new planetary battle maps, 10 new hyperspace battle maps, new equipment, a revamped interface and a greater variety of missions to the already impressively-huge original game. And, as usual with GOG titles, you get some free goodies with your purchase: the game’s manual in PDF format, some HD wallpapers and some avatars to use around the Web.

Check it out here — the offer lasts for the next 48 hours.