@scribl I’m just impressed they got in like 10 minutes of actual gameplay before he even pulled out a gun. That by itself shows that the game involves a lot more than just shooting people. You know what else I liked? You could tell the demonstrator was in full control of the character the entire time, not doing some cinematic QTE shit, but actually playing a goddamn game.

I find it kind of sad that I didn’t really see anything I was interested in playing until Ubisoft’s conference. Even then, Far Cry 3 didn’t show me anything I didn’t already know about (except, well, boobs) and neither did Assassin’s Creed III really. Both were just predictably good. Watch_Dogs so far has been the only really fresh thing unless you count Beyond and Last of Us.

@bowlisimo Last of Us looks like some kind of cross between Uncharted and a survival game. The emphasis on management looks like it’s there with non-regenerating health, scarce ammo, and resource crafting, but it seems to still be set on a linear path. It’s not the exploration and survival of an environment like the older Resident Evil games for instance.

Overall, I’m kind of depending on Nintendo now to provide us with the “real” games.