My reactions, so far:

Microsoft has just about nothing for me: an assortment of Look Down A Reticle games that I was really kind of hoping we as a collective were over, some sports stuff I have no interest in, and Lara Croft very very obviously riding Drake’s coattails. (I can’t have been the only one who was hoping for a bit more “survival”-ish stuff in the new Tomb Raider.) Everything was either Serious Business or for a market that was obviously not me. Or possibly filmed by Michael Bay. Brown worlds where things blow up. Boring.

You know, if what you want is Michael Bay shit, we could be making games where a natural disaster or something provides the explosions and the environmental destruction. How about something where a hurricane or an earthquake or a volcano threatens your town and you and/or a band of intrepid others struggle to escape, helping others stay alive (or not…) on the way? Plenty of scope for both action and human drama, and all the spectacle you could possibly require.

Sony represented something of an improvement. (Color! Thank god! Also the explicit embrace of words like “gaming,” or “player!”) Cautiously hopeful for Beyond (Mr. Cage, Heavy Rain looked beautiful but had some fairly serious problems I hope you address). Pleased that Vita Assassin’s Creed will give me a main character of my own gender to play who may possibly function as more than a Token Chick or a T&A delivery system. (I find the over-the-top perviness of Yakuza as amusing as the next girl, and I understand that most of the gaming audience is male and likes to look at female anatomy, but I do kind of like it when I get to play a female character it’s cool to want to be, as well as to want.)

ACIII is looking sweet, and I look forward to playing History Bingo with the American Revolution as I have with Renaissance Italy. As I mentioned on Twitter, the AC game I really want to see is set in India during the British Raj. That would be both a glorious combination of stuff I haven’t seen done to death and potentially quite gripping. But I’m still planning to be right there with my popcorn and see how many people I can guess before they are named. 🙂

As a library type and lover of ordinary paper books I choose to adopt a wait-and-see attitude about Wonderbook. Smart choice for first property, definitely.

The Last of Us looks like something I would be happy to be involved with, though I am a little bummed by the postapocalyptic whatnot. I’m about done with that. Also I am about done with zombies. Enough already. Let’s have a werewolf game a la Dog Soldiers (if you have not seen that, go watch it!) or a mummy or something, if classic monsters are what we want.

I feel about Kratos much as Extra Credits does, so my response to God of War was mainly a shrug.

Also, I totally agree with @scribl that I was sad to see a gun come out in Watch Dogs. Love the idea of being a hacking avenger, but it’s tragic that apparently we can’t just go with that. I’ve announced publicly my love for Thief, a game series in which generally speaking, if you have to draw your sword, you have failed. (The announcement of a new title in that series would fill me with a mixture of glee and dread at this point.) I really wish a major title in this landscape would be ballsy enough to adopt a similar attitude. I do not need more games where I am invited to stab someone in the throat to show how extreme and badass and hardcore I am. I do not need Yet Another Shooter. It’s getting really boring, you guys. We could be doing so much more with these experiences. Someone aspire, already.

Overall, Sony did all right but did not elicit a genuine squee. (Which they could have done by suggesting the possibility of more Sly Cooper, or Tokyo Jungle, or, hell, just showing me a bit more Ni no Kuni.)