@angryjedi The little I had played of Blacklight Retribution (no server situations for Asia/Oceania as of yet, post-beta) makes me think folks like @impynickers and @cgrajko would enjoy it for being somewhat of a NeoTokyo successor…mixed with FEAR and a hint of GitS for flavour. Plus, it has mechs.

But the crown jewel of F2P for me as of last week? Tribes: Ascend. I’ve played a fair whack of the F2P shooter market over the years, and until now (and Blacklight Retribution, actually), they’ve all quickly fallen into the same old Korean MMOFPS grind where weapon cost/limitations scream for real cash. Hell, I recall OPERATION7, which was mechanically one of the finest shooters in the F2P market, but the weapon maintenance costs were geared so that if real cash wasn’t plonked down, you were going to have gun jams every second squeeze of the trigger. That’s a bit heinous for anyone bar snipers.

Tribes is not gimped, Tribes is not shackled to the old freemium concepts.

Tribes is magic. Everything feels good. It feels like a sixty dollar title. Dedicated servers, acceptable unlock system, perks that don’t wreck everything…I haven’t been this intoxicated by a multiplayer shooter since Brink (and I’m fairly alone in that regard).

@impynickers Rayman…what a joy to behold.

I’ve actually been burning the midnight oil of late with a particular PSP game as a balance to Rayman Origins, but let me collect my thoughts and write it out when the witching hour isn’t bearing down on me.