@pete Son of a…… well… I’m in, Bahamut have mercy on my soul c_c I fell off the Emi track and I gotta get back on now that all the school pressure is coming off me and the weather of warming or she’ll sniffle at me and I will cease to live :/

Soul Calibur 5 training continues apace, I dressed Asteroth up in a giant kitten Kigarumi and gave him a jaunty lace hat to try to suppress the testosterone dominance thing that his gameplay seems to inspire, it’s been met with limited success c_c. On the other hand I got a PS3 to Xbox converter on it’s way, so I will no longer suddenly be ass on other systems… Hurrah!

Also, 6 days left in the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1613260297/shadowrun-returns Seriously, X-com type combat in a shadowrun world? It has the potential to be the only game I ever really wanted =P (from the west)