@feenwager *hands you a boutique ale*

In regards to my own Feenwager Challenge list, I’ve hit a bit of a tech issue on my laptop…namely an ageing machine and wearying guts that now, for some reason, heats up and could conceivably cook steaks to perfection. I can still play things, provided I don’t stress the GPU, but the PC has now taken a backseat and I don’t really turn it on with the same relish, burdened by the knowledge that graphically-pressing titles are now potential machine destroyers. I cannot justify a new laptop for gaming, so for the time being, I’m enjoying the odd spot of FUEL, a touch of GalCiv2, Reign: Conflict of Nations and some curiosities like A.I.M. 2 (a Russian sandbox trader/combat game set in a robot-infested future world)…

…but, all is not lost. Really loving the little Vita, primarily at this point for Rayman Origins. Now, a few folks – including @feenwager – have enjoyed this one prior, and I just want to laud artistic and aural accolades upon Origins. I’ve been a big Rayman fan since the old days, and always wondered why Mario copped all the praise when there’s so much creativity and visual delight (and it’s so subtly dark and morbid just below the surface in some areas) in these French gems. (Rayman 2 over Mario64 any day of the week! Très controversée!!!)

Anyway, I can’t say much more than hasn’t already been said. It’s a good challenge, has brilliant production values, character and level design from a scribbler’s perspective is second to none (I still cannot get over the attention to detail in the simple things like foliage crops…take a moment to gaze at the arrangement of ferns on the various planes in the first couple of levels). A very inspired piece of work.

Coming up next month: Resistance: Burning Skies, then the month after, Gravity Rush/Daze. So very keen.