Quick Dash!

Ghost Trick? That game is *very awesome* Miss Kamiiiiiiliiiaaa…! T^T
If you own an iOS device you have no excuse not to download the first two chapters (they’re totally free) and little more excuse not to nab the rest of this quality gem for $10. Wonderful game.

Tera open beta starts next week, if you make an account you can drop the code TERABETA into their redeem a code feature to start pulling down the client (25 gigs in proper MMO fashion) Legend has it Tera is by the numbers in everything but has really good action-based combat. dunno much else, will hopefully have the time to get in there and give it a look-see when I’m less on fire x___X

Legend of Grimrock is out and every bit as much Dungeon Master as you might expect, definitely not the worst 10 dollars I spent.

I’m glad the Mass Effect thing is pretty much over as everyone’s sick of talking about it, but I’m worried that the industry and gamers at large were too hard on what was probably the most polite protest this country at least has ever seen. Whatever you think of their request, I think everyone can get behind protesting with children’s charity and cupcakes. Looking back I’m really sad they didn’t get much credit for being wonderful people about the whole thing.

Quick book note: These are all in audio book form ’cause I’ve got a job where I can burn 8 hours of book per day, so I chew through books ridiculously fast, and since I’m also doing other things these didn’t have to pass super high quality tests, and they’re not particularly meaningful (except the first one,) just reasonable entertainment. So your millage may vary (except the first one, I’ll back his work forever.)
It’s probably impossible to find since I got it on cassette from a truck stop ages ago but Unicorn Variation and Angel Dark Angel read by Rene Auberjonois (Odo from DS9 hilariously) is a wonderful performance of two amazing short stories. in fact more of Rodger Zelazney’s work is kindof amazing if you like strange somewhat surreal stuff. I could recommend anything he’s ever written without qualm.

Another decent sci fi one to get perhaps might be The Lost Fleet series by John G. Henry under the pen name Jack Campbell, it’s a bit military but it’s a pretty good ‘long retreat’ story that has an interesting premise, It sort of examines the problems of a legend come back to save the day, particularly when that guy is Just A Dude. I can’t summarize well, so just poke at the first paragraph of the wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Fleet . It’s a bit military for my tastes normally, but pretty good all told

if you want it a bit more fast and loose there’s always the Honor Harrington series or if you don’t mind a weird quasi-indictment of the church the Safehold series by the same author (David Weber.) If nautical stuff irritates you, beware these books, guy has a serious love of all that business and it clearly shows.

Lastly there’s always the Harry Dresden books, yeah, it’s ‘wizard in the modern world’ and fairly bubblegum poppy but there’s 12 of them, and the reader is really good, between all that there’s no real reason for you to be bored in your car. =P

FAR too much for a quick note but I’ll probably forgive me so long as I get my portfolio finished in time -___-