The semester might be ending so everything is going crazy, but I still have a brief moment to pop in and mention that the Soul Calibur 5 world championship is happening tomarrow ( trailer) this is the stream time is 7pm PST but there will probably be an archive of it.

Can’t really offer too much insider information on this one, in brief: Tira got about 1 and a half pages of nerfs last patch so I’m curious what version the UK qualifiers used (patch came in 2 days before the US qualifiers I know) If he managed to win under so many fresh nerfs that’s amazing.

ZWEI got some minor buffs but you still don’t see him often, odd to see him in the finals too

Though NoFaceKiller is listed as an Ivy player and tends to start tournaments with her when he gets serious he plays nightmare, that’s also who he won his Grand Finals with at NCR.

Keev from France is the favorite to win, but no matter how much Nightmare is considered the best in the game, players get a ton of matchup experience against him and if anyone can exploit that, it’d be the world’s top 8 players =P

Excited to watch it! (even if I’m going to have to be writing a paper at the same time c_c)