Oh man @cgrajko totally beat me to the Shadowrun returns news, good on ya! I know I ponied up my cash without a second thought =) can’t wait to see all the great stuff (or at least old) stuff that comes out of kickstarter

been crazy busy recently, lots of 1/2 sleep nights I’m afraid so I haven’t had much chin-strokey time but I got a few scattershot things, Playing SMT: Strange Journey for DS, and it is completely that old school SNES style SMT game, it’s also 15$ at gamestop so good times all around, only 8 hours in despite the days (see aformentioned busy complaining =P) but it seems pretty great so far, can’t wait to see where the weird splits come out, I’ll probably get into it more later

Speaking of old SNES games, does anyone remember Dungeon Master? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dLdoy0q2Gc ? Well allow me to suggest Legend of Grimrock coming out on GoG? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPuzj1xhlQ8 comes out April 11th, preorder to drop the $15 tag to $12.

Phyrra Omega is adorable even if she’s a crazy soul devourer ❤ new main? maybe, she's got tons of great guard damage and high return for what she lands. Good stuff

One of the papers I'm writing had be dredge up old memories of SimEarth for SNES, that game was kinda rad. Really teaches you a lot of science completely by accident. Good for the nerdy kid, wonder how it holds up now that I actually have some idea of what changing the atmospheric gasses will do?

Aaaaaaa!! I'm late already! :/ Good luck out there squaddies