Full refunds? That’s insane.

(no spoilers) I thought ME3 was excellent (seriously, it was awesome)… until the last 10 minutes, which I thought was mishandled and disappointing in several ways. The real travesty, in my mind, is the complete lack of closure. I don’t even care if it’s a total downer ending or super happy ending, but tell me where everyone ended up, what happened as a result of my actions? Just give me anything, like text with portraits. You spend so much time with these characters and in that universe, it doesn’t make any sense. God, Call of Pripyat had more closure than ME3 did. Hell, one of their own games with a similar premise, Dragon Age: Origins, had a better ending that worked.

Note: I’m not going around and signing petitions, or joining “Take Back Mass Effect”, or asking for a refund. I can live with what they chose, it’s their story, but I agree with Jeff Gerstmann, Mass Effect deserved better.

Curious to see what move Bioware makes next, since they say they’re listening. I’m not even sure how I feel about having the ending changed after the fact. What are they going to do, have a THE REAL ENDING DLC that I have to pay more money for? Closure DLC = $9.99. At that point, everything horrible about DLC and game narrative that @beige prophesied years ago will have come to pass. The 7th trumpet will sound, and lo, Pete will sit on his high horse handing out paper slips that say “I told you so!” as the world burns.

Oh well.