@cgrajko Check the ME3 thread on the missions page. Several people have posted links to articles deconstructing the ending. @tolkoto posted a good one where a screenwriter picked it apart.

@feenwager I hear ya. It’s all people will bang on about on Twitter, and I even have people I know inviting me to “SUPPORT BIOWARE” Facebook groups. (I rejected the invitation.)

I’m in three minds about the whole thing. (Shush. That’s totally a thing.) On the one hand, I see where the disgruntled fans are coming from from what I do know of the situation having not played it but read a lot about it. On the other, petitioning people to change the ending to a story is just dumb, particularly it all it will result in is an “Ending Pack” DLC. And on the third mutant hand sprouting from my chest, I wish people would shut the fuck up about Mass Effect and talk about some of the fifty billion other games that are out right now. A new Ys game just came out on Steam and I want to know if it’s interesting, for example — and a couple of “double-A” PR people I’m friends with are inordinately frustrated by the whole thing because it means their poor games don’t get a look in from the press or the public.

Basically, everyone needs to accept each other’s viewpoints without feeling the need to try and yell hard enough to change each other’s minds, step back, chill the fuck out and then go play something else.

Or, you know, go outside. 🙂