Okay, I’ve REALLY got to catch up with some stuff on here. Will try to do that today.

Re: Anachronox, here’s what I remember…

I recall the combat being pretty awful, honestly, and that’s coming from someone who typically has a high tolerance for such things.


But but but.

Everything ELSE was pretty awesome. Enjoyable party to hang out with, whimsically-imagined future world, and some very funny writing. The story wasn’t bad either, as I recall, though I have forgotten lots of it by now.

It’s the little moments I remember best. PAL: “…and I am REALLY PISSED OFF!” Rho: “But…I thought you said it started with a “U.”

And you know, though I still can’t remember the name of the (minor) character who said this, I quote them all the time: “You would be surprised how rarely…people look up.”

There is indeed a “movie” of the adventure; those who would prefer a more streamlined version of the experience can look for it here.